Friday, March 25, 2011

My Doctor Appointment

So I just realized that my last post somehow deleted my paragraph about my doctor appointment.  I find it somewhat funny, but I do apologize. It was my intention to fill you in on my appointment.

My appointment time was set for 11:50 AM.  I drove two hours to get the doctor's and arrived there at 11:30 so I would have plenty of time to fill out paper work for my new address and new insurance.  I drove up and parked.  It was a rainy day, so driving 2 hours had not been fun.  I also hate driving long distances by myself.  I also really hate driving in Fresno.  The only thing I was glad about was that at least I had been there before so I knew where i was going for the most part.  Also I was getting to meet with one of my friends who live in town.  My plan was the visit with her after my appointment so that we would have no time limit on our visit.  I opened the door and walked up to the front desk to check in.  I give my name and tell them what doctor I am there to see.  The receptionist searches through her files that she has pulled for the day's patients.  I see a puzzled expression start to cross her face as she asks for the spelling of my name. Unable to find my file or appointment she sends me to the person receptionist of my doctor.

I go through that same process again.  I give my name, my appointment time and wait.  The lady searches on her computer and finally finds me.
"Oh well I have a note here written to call you and reschedule your appointment since the doctor is in surgery."  Then she just sits there looking blankly at me.  Like I am just suppose to be like, okay, no big deal, see you later?  I am already on edge having driven through Fresno and dealing with some traffic and idiot drivers.  I take a deep breathe and will myself to stay calm, and I explain.
"I just drove two hours to get here and I never got a message that reschedule."  I get asked if the number they have on file is correct, it is, and then told to wait while the receptionist walks away.  She comes back and asks if I am willing to stay in town until later that afternoon.  Well what else am I going to do?  I drove all the way here.  I get rescheduled for 2:40.  I walk out and call up my friend to see if I can come over now.  Sadly now our time has been cut short.

I go back and arrive at 2:40, almost exactly.  I have to redo almost all the paper work, even though all I changed was my address and insurance, and by all I mean, all the questions about family history and what not.  I guess I shouldn't complain, because I was adopted so my family history is pretty easy to fill out, since all I write was ADOPTED across it.   Still it was a pain to have to redo EVERYTHING, when all they have to do is go into their computer and change a few things.  They are only going to change a few things, so why do I have to refill out everything?  I sit in the waiting room until about 3:30 before I get called back.  The nurse does her normal stuff, and then I sit and wait again.  Finally, at 4:00 the doctor gets in.   I fill him in all what has gone on my bleeding patterns, or lack of patterns, and pain levels.  He asks questions, I answer, and we end with a plan!  The first time in a long time I feel I am moving forward with my endometriosis.  For now I will start a new medicine, after I take this medicine for a few days I will go in for an ultrasound.  If my ovaries respond correctly then we will take the next step to fix my uterus to accept children.  It may take a while for my ovaries to respond.  I may have to change medicine or dosages, but we have a goal.  Monday I will be going in and running a thyroid test and some other blood work and getting a huge write up on my hormones and lots of other stuff.  This all too will be used to help figure out my dosage/medicine needs.  All to say that hopefully this either leads me to become pregnant in the next few years (yes it won't be instant) or at least give a solid no answer so I can then take care of the pain part of things.

While there are still a lot of uncertainties and I am still in pain it is nice to see forward motion.  I cannot take any strong pain medicine right now because of the other meds I will be starting.  I may be spending a lot of days in bed, but I am finally moving forward.  It may be a small plan, and I am still in a wait and see stage, but at least we are doing something and I feel like there is an end to this road now.  I will be heartbroken if the end leads to no children that I have given birth to, but I do look forward to a day of no more pain.  I have my wonderful husband, good friends, and most importantly an amazing God, what more do I need?  God will answer my prayer to someday no longer be in pain, I have no doubt of that.  For now I pray, and I try to let Him mold me into the women He longs for me to be. 

Please pray for me as there are going to be side effects that may be hard to handle, there may be many times of disappointment and for the pain I will be in.


  1. Hey, just read your blog on your latest doctors appointment. Good luck with the new plan you have, like you said it may just a small plan but least you are going forward in the process. Hope everything goes ok with the side effects of the medication, take it easy and each day as it comes x

  2. Thank you. Hopefully soon I get some real answers!