About Me

I am a married stay at home wife.  After many years of pain and long seasons of bleeding I was diagnosed with Endometriosis at age 20 after my first Laparoscopy.  This was the beginning of a long and hard journey, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I have had my share of struggles and I hope that through writing I can share what I have learned with others and also continue to help myself grow.  The years have shown me that God is always there, watching and guiding me, even in the midst of chronic pain and infertility.

When I was first diagnosed with Endometriosis I had no idea what it meant, but in time I was able to learn more about it, and found that no two people are alike with their symptoms, and what may help one, may not help another.  There is no cure, only a hope to control it. I have had many specialist who have ended up giving up on me, as they were unable to find a treatment that could at least dull the pain.  They would quickly pass me off to the next specialist and hope they never had to deal with me again.  I have had 3 laparoscopies in total.  My current doctor is great, and is doing all he can for me.

In 2008 I married my best friend.  It was the greatest day of our life, and while we knew of my endo, we were unaware of just how challenging it would be to have a baby.  We have entered that phase in our life now and it feels like all that has happened is dead end after dead end.  Since starting treatments my endo growth has grown triple in amount and sizes, I have had numerous ruptured cysts, uterus and other infections, and miscarriages. These problems have lead to more diagnoses, that are taking away our hope of being able to have a biological child.  After having miscarriages, testing showed I had poor egg quality.  I have now been diagnosed with way too many things, it seems unreal: PCOS, adenomyosis, and poor ovarian reserve.

I am holding onto my faith in God it get me through all of this.  I long to some day be a mother.  I have no idea how it will happen, or when it will happen.  For now, I write and share with you about my journey, and I thank God daily for the amazing man he put in my life.  He is amazing and the biggest blessing in my life.  There may not be a lot of readers, but if I can help one person I will consider this blog a success.