Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Almost to Viability

We found out that we are having a...precious baby Girl!

I've hit the 23 week mark and have less than a week to hit 24 week, the viability mark.  Meaning if Baby Girl were to come into the world now she has a fighting chance at surviving and making it home.  There would still be numerous medical issues to deal with so we would rather wait a longer time, but knowing that we hit that mark will be a huge relief.

Things are going well for the most part.  I'm still suffering with sickness, but Baby Girl is not phased by it and growing well and that is all that matters.  My pulled muscles are still suffering a bit so I need to be careful.  They may not ever get a chance to fully heal as long as I'm still dealing with this sickness.  We have been working on our new house and just painted it this last weekend.  It has been hard to limit what I do to help out, but for this baby I will keep doing it.  For me the hardest part has been when I find a job I can do without hurting us my FIL will tell me to stop.  It's really sweet so I'm trying not to be angry, but basically I feel like he doesn't trust me not to put my baby in danger.  I know what my restrictions are and I will not do anything to put this pregnancy at risk and I wish they would believe me.  It would be better he works on the things I can't then to just do the silly, unimportant job I'm doing that can wait for us to move in.  We are hoping to finish the bulk of the painting the next weekend. We just have baseboards, window sills, door frames, & closets left to paint.  If we can get that done this weekend (which my husband thinks they will be able to) we will move in the next weekend.  We won't be fully set up, but at least we will be living there and can slowly work on the extra stuff there that needs done, but not necessarily before we move in.  I'll be glad of this because we can stop paying for 2 places!

For now I'm officially counting the day until we hit 24 weeks.  This the mark we have given to people to be allowed to buy things for us and for us to make decisions about nursery.  Once we hit the 24 weeks we can start getting ideas for the baby room!  I have some ideas that have been floating around, but none that I will share yet.

I'm so grateful to be here and I know I wouldn't have made it this far without the support and prayers from my friends, family, and twitter family.  Thank you all!