Friday, July 20, 2012


I'm suppose to be in surgery right now, but a few days ago I got a call that my doctor had a family emergency come up and it had to be postponed.  It will not be on July 24, thankfully not too much later.  I was annoyed at first, but trying to be understanding.  Hey, doctors are people too.  I seem to often times have my appointments rescheduled because of emergencies so I was not sure what to think.  I then calmed myself down by reminding myself that this is the first time I've been postponed with this doctor.  In fact when the doctor had a vacation planned the nurses and office staff worked hard to get everyone in before he left instead of rescheduling when he would be back.

I'm now okay with the change.  It really didn't change my husband's time off at all.  We now have planned a trip up to our old camp as well.  We leave today when he gets off work and will stay until Tuesday since we have to drive through the town my surgery is in on our way home.  We booked a hotel for that night, and if all goes well and there is no removal of any body parts I'll be releases that day, or night really.  We decided we didnt' want to drive 2 hours home right after surgery.  Too bad I'll be too doped up to enjoy our nice hotel, but at least I'll have some rest and enjoyment before.  This will probably be my last post until after surgery.

Please pray and send good thoughts for this surgery.  The butterflies are starting to settling into my stomach.  

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