Saturday, September 6, 2014

Labor and Birth (part 1)

I know it's been awhile since I have posted and I apologize.  It has taken me awhile to decide what to do about Samantha's birth story.  I had convinced myself that since both of us were okay that I had no place to share any negative feelings about my experience.  After dealing with infertility for so long I lived in this bubble believing that if everything was okay and healthy that I was not allowed to complain about anything or share my real thoughts because I just needed to shut up and be grateful.  I will say that even though labor and birth were not ideal I am so incredibly thankful for my dear baby girl and that all of it was so worth having my healthy baby with us. That being said here is our story...

Friday, Jan. 10, 2014 started out fairly normal.  I woke up feeling a bit off, but I had been for awhile now.  I had been more ill feeling since she had dropped.  I had made it to 36 weeks so I was slowly upping my activity level since it was now safe if I delivered.  I had a doctor appointment to get ready for and after that I would be going in every week until I delivered! I was so amazed and grateful as I got ready. While taking a shower I realized something was a bit different feeling and come to find out I had lost that mucus plug.  I had been slowly losing it for awhile now, but I knew this time was the real thing. I still wasn't too worried because it can awhile before delivery.

My dr. app. went well. I was dilated to 1cm, so barely anything to think too much about.  I was coming back earlier the next week on wed so we would talk  more about my birth plan.  I had severe SPD and my endo and adeno had done a lot of damage to my uterus before getting pregnant that we needed to talk about my options.  There was a huge risk that if I delivered my relaxin could overproduce and I could end up with a huge issue in my pelvic joint and end up with DSP. At my next appointment my dr wanted to evaluate my gap and see what he thought.  If it was worse then we would be scheduling a c-sect.  It was not my ideal birthing plan, but I also didn't want to end up having my pelvic bones screwed together! I was sent off and told to keep being careful because my dr still wanted Samantha to cook another week!

I joined a friend for lunch.  I was feeling pretty off and uncomfortable, but I decided it was just the end of pregnancy discomforts and continued my day as planned, which only meant one quick stop before heading home and relaxing. My husband got off work and I was feeling worse and worse, but still I only figured it was normal and didn't say anything (IF really made me unable to express discomforts much).  We went to bed fairly early that night.  I kept feeling worse and worse and spent the next few hours tossing and turning.  I finally got up around 1 AM to use the restroom. I stood up, washed my hands after and started to walk back to bed when I was hit with a coughing fit (oh did I mention I had just gotten over a small lung infection of some sort and has fighting with that?) and had fluid running down my leg, still I didn't think much of it, I was pregnant and had a baby sitting on my bladder after all.  It wasn't a lot, so I continued walking to bed, more fluid fell.  Well that's kind of strange I thought.  I stood still and just waited, but nothing else happened, so I went and got some rags to clean up the small puddle shaking my head in shame at my inability to hold my bladder after I had just gone pee! I was so uncomfortable I couldn't deal with just laying in bed and by now my thoughts were racing, what if that was my water breaking? No, I thought, they always say you'll know when it happens.  I got up took a shower (yes I took a shower) and then paced around the house.  My discomfort got worse (I had been having contractions, not braxton hicks, since about 30 weeks) and I realized my normal contractions were increasing in time and in strength.  At 3 AM I decided I needed to call the doctor and wake up my husband.  I walked back to my room to get my phone and wake up my groggy husband.  I woke him up saying "I think I'm in labor." He was so confused by my use of think that thankfully he was awake and alert quickly. I called and was told to come in and get checked out.  My husband asked how much time we had, and my contractions didn't feel that bad to me and I was about 7-8 min. apart so I told him we weren't in a rush.  He got up and took a shower and then loaded up the car.  By this time I was pretty sure I was in labor.  By the time we made it to the hospital I was about 3-4 min. apart.

It was a long wait, but by about 5 AM we were finally being seen.  We hadn't called or texted anybody yet since I was unsure if I was in labor and Steven's parents were up at the cabin.  We didn't want anybody traveling down for a false alarm.  Finally we were told that yes my water had for sure broken, though by then I knew that.  We sent out all the alerts we needed to, texted, called, FB, twitter were now all aware I was in labor.  I was only dilated to 2 cm so we still had a long ways to go, or so we thought....

part 2 to come later!

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